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Why I Use Dropbox

Why I Use Dropbox

Why I Use Dropbox

I have  a Dropbox account for years, almost since they’re beginning in 2007, and I can’t explain exactly why but I absolutely love it. And apparently now over 400.000.000 people all over the world love it as well! That is a huge number for a company founded 8 years ago.

As a big fan of design and with a few years under the belt on gigs of that area, I found that they’re branding image is simply beautiful. It is the personification of what people say “less is more”, and it works. Despite the obvious fact that people can rely on this now “monster” of online storage with a high rep when talking about cloud space, all in all, Dropbox is a powerful company with a great image, very reliable and with a 5 star service, used by millions around the world to they’re daily tasks or simply for they’re backups or photo shares with family and friends. It has also thousands of uses and almost any app with cloud capabilities use it.

One other thing that I believe that helped Dropbox success was the scarcity of free space that you have when you open a new account (2GB), yes this is a plus in my opinion because they have a referral system that implies that you recommend to as many persons you know to open a Dropbox account as well, and that is the best marketing you can get at the minimum price. It is a work of genius that helped them reach where they are, along with the excellent quality service.

So after all, I think I know why I use and love Dropbox…


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