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Perfection is in the Details

Perfection is in the Details

Perfection is in the Details

You are trying to improve yourself for a long time and the results rarely pay your bills? and why, if you are doing your best efforts, completing all the tips from the mentor you choose and “thinking money”?

The intention you put in things is actually decisive and yet something keeps stuck! Have you ever thought about what is going inside yourself? are you carefully paying attention to your deeper emotions when you act?, whether you are or not, maybe you can try and exercise. Let’s call it evacuation drill. The results you are having are like an alarm, which sounds when you are below your goal. So in that moment, your deeper in starts burning and you need to evacuate. This is really important because your life maybe in danger so you have to go out (really outside) and wait for that fire to extinguish; you walk, look at the trees, watch the kids playing, the sky and the sea, you allow yourself to breathe and feel safe. Open your self to the world. And the evacuation is complete.

Now the second part of the exercise; you can’t simply return, you need to make sure that the “building” is safe. So, put in a piece of paper the different areas of your life (family, friends, professional, spiritual, health, enjoyment, pleasure, love, hobbies, money… whatever) and start thinking freely, open minded, and honestly, which of these areas are competing between each other; is there any area that is suffering, standing behind or simply being neglected? is your wealth strategy making damages?

My friend, the answer may be right there. Perhaps you need to be even more creative and friendly to your self. Usually there is an area in our lives that allows us to be better and bigger in all areas, that works like a leverage and a good solid pillar.

I don’t mean a big change, but the opposite, a small change makes all the difference, just something you don’t even notice much in the daily routine. For example, maybe you just need to introduce 1 minute of meditation each day, or drink more water, or smile more or say sorry to a friend… you will know. One funny personification of this is presented in the movie Yes Man, where Jim Carrey simply starts saying yes and everything changed in his life. Small changes makes all the difference!

So my suggestion is evacuate, breathe, look for the damages and strengthen your structure. At this point in your life you should probably know that perfection is in the details, right?

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